Asia Partners is your buying and service partner in Asia. We strives to make the purchase, quality control and shipping of your products as easy as possible. Buying in Asia is not limited to large companies. SMEs can also profit from buying in Asia. Benefit from our 25 years of experience in Asia. Invite us for a non-binding talk about the possibilities for your company or enterprise.

Asia Partners now also has a purchase and quality control office in (Istanbul) Turkey

Because of the increasing prices in Asia and the sky high container costs, it’s our duty as sourcing company to find alternative countries for our Partners.

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How We Work

Target audience

Asia Partners targets SMEs and companies that wish to produce or purchase in Asia. In China, Taiwan or Vietnam, for example.


We offer everything, from product development, finding the right manufacturer, price negotiations, quality control to shipping.


We place large importance on quality control and tracking your order — from choosing the right manufacturer until the final delivery.